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Woodfield Centre (TAS)

Woodfield Centre
Dysart, Tasmania

The camp is set out like a old western theme town at the end of a gravel road, located only a stone’s throw from Hobart (40 km). With the peak hour Hobart traffic totalling just over three cars, you can get out to Woodfield pretty quickly even on the busiest traffic days.

The access road leads you almost to the top of a lookout, so the views from the camp to the Hobart environs are pretty remarkable. The views towards Mt Wellington from any direction are always so outstanding. Hobart city in my opinion, would have to be the best located of any city in Australia. Set out on a Sydney like harbour with an alpine peak as a back-drop – how good is that!

Woodfield Centre’s buildings are set out in a horse-shoe shape around the main driveway and some of the recreation space. The main dinning hall and conference area overlooks the playing fields and high-ropes course. Inside the dinning hall it feels like an old Swiss Mountain cottage with lots of wood panelling and a big open fire place.

A games room above this, complete with pool table, foosball and other games tables would keep school kids entertained for hours if the weather was inclement or they are just in need of some downtime. This is a great spot for keeping them contained and knowing their whereabouts – very handy for teachers.

Trampolines, waterslide, volleyball and playground as well as low-ropes course are some of the activities to keep you occupied whilst staying on site. Plenty of bushland surrounds the property for walks. What I really liked was the billy-carts that you could drag to the top of the drive and scoot down the gravel (helmet on, of course). These carts would get a fair pounding from the campers I’d guess, but what fun!

Various arrays of accommodation are on offer, from bunk rooms to self-contained units. They have beds for up to 112. When I was there I met the new owners and managers who had began a number of refurbishments to the camp. They spoke encouragingly of exciting plans and times ahead for the camp.

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