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Waratah Beach Camp (VIC)

For a camp that occupies one of the smallest foot-prints of any camp I have seen to date, it certainly packs a fair bit in to its (just over) 2 acres size. From the moment you step onto the property you are faced with activities. You can almost roll out of your bunk and onto the low-ropes course. This could have some positive appeal to teenage school groups reluctant to get up and get going early!

The main building/dining hall is impressively large. Coloured inside and out in a beach sand hue with coastal green highlights; it sits amongst its Coastal environment nicely. The main kitchen is separated by two identical ends, which both contain bunk rooms, toilet facilities, dinning room and recreation hall. Great for having two large size groups on site. At one end is an in ground pool.

Of the numerous activities, I really liked the bouldering wall, its panels going off in all angles and it was of a decent length. I find some bouldering walls too short. Once you start, do a couple of moves your finished, but this was great. Other activities included the a ‘nitro crossing’, giant swing and a challenge course that circumvented the entire accommodation building.

The main attraction of this camp is that it is smack bang on the relatively calm Waratah Bay beach. This bay has to have one of the best outlooks in the entire state, if not the country. It is the only place that I can think of that when you are standing on the mainland you look directly across a bay to substantial sized mountains. These mountains are of course, those of the Wilsons Promontory.

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