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Surfside Holiday Park/Flagstaff Hill Maritime Village (VIC)

Surfside Holiday Park/Flagstaff Hill Maritime Village

This is a combination of sorts really, a group accommodation facility with a historic village connected to it. A Sovereign Hill type experience. Firstly, the Surfside Holiday Park is what it says, a holiday park with cabins and cottages (some up market ones too!) with all the bells and whistles you would expect. Tent camping is also offered as are caravan pitches. The camp is superbly positioned right on the beach which is of course the Southern Ocean, complete with seasonal whale watching. Groups are well looked after in cabins and group catering is handled in the main dining hall.

However, the main attraction that groups come here to stay is just on the hill above the camp. Flagstaff Hill Maritime Village is a maritime museum and outdoor village with Australia’s richest shipwreck collection, all contained in an 1870’s village located on a state heritage listed site overlooking Lady Bay. The village provides a glimpse into the maritime lifestyles and trades of the 1870’s era, the peak of Australia’s maritime heritage. It’s a fun place to visit. Groups can stay in the Garrison Camp in the village just as the early settler’s would have. They can re-enact the lifestyles of the mariners of that time and hopefully receive a flogging or two with a cat-of-nine tails if they step out of line!

They have loads of interactive displays and educational based exhibits. They even have the most value shipwreck artefact in Australia on display, (the Minton Loch Ard Peacock) valued at over $4 million. A highlight the stay at the village is to do the evening laser light show with all the audio visual effects, ghostly stories and shipwreck re-enactments. This is a major draw card for groups. The Great Ocean Road has a wealth of history and it is no wonder that so many camps are located down this way, mind you it could also be because this coast is so spectacular!

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