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Snowy River Camp (VIC)

Snowy River Camp
Tallangatta Valley

Sometimes I have an opportunity to take my family with me (during my holidays) when I venture further afield on camp visits. Yes, I know, I visit our member camps when I go on holidays, but my children just love the camps, as do I. So our visit to see Snowy River Camp, which is situated on the border between Victoria and New South Wales and to meet Peter and Merry Jeffrey, has been a long time coming. They have sent me numerous invitations over the years, keen for me to see what they offer.

An 85 bed camp with a good mix of accommodation (bunk rooms and cabins) set out on 170 acres, in really outstanding surroundings. The day we walked around the camp, the light was sharp (that low level late winter light) that highlights and makes every detail pin sharp, as it did on the surrounding hillsides this day. Merry and Peter are stalwarts of the camps industry and have been proud owners of the camp for over 40 years. They have either built or initiated all the activities themselves, which there are many (too many to mention), including horse riding (one of only a handful of ACA member camps that still offer this), horse feeding, canoeing, raft building, flying fox, climbing, abseiling (indoor and outdoor walls), leap of faith, giant Burma Bridge, loads of initiative courses…this is a really great example of how to keep building and improving on one’s camp.

A great little secret is (sorry Peter, the word’s out now) they have is a fully stocked 12 acre spring fed lake with the prized Murray Cod (catch and release only). Peter proudly boasting how the day before he landed 28 Murray Cod in half-an-hour. Now that is one activity that would get me going back every time.

The camp is also a working farm and has loads of animals for school groups to get up close and personal with, including Damara sheep (African sheep that don’t produce wool), a pet wombat called Matilda and a pet rain deer called Bambi, of course! My kids just loved this interaction with these animals. The school groups especially would love this interaction. This is certainly one camp I would like to go back to visit again, if only to stop my kids from pestering me to do so!