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Rutherford Park Country Retreat

The drive out to Rutherford Park is interesting; firstly you leave the Western Highway on route to Ballarat and peacefully wander through potato fields. The roads are very straight out this way! This tourism region of Victoria has a long history of potato farming stretching back to 1860, due to its excellent climate for growing vegetables such as spuds and its close proximity to the Melbourne markets.

The landscape is dotted with volcanic mounds, which gives the whole region a unique feeling with fabulous 100 kilometre views stretching out to the horizon. These views from the outside balconies and many rooms at the camp are outstanding. On any given day, you could while away countless hours just watching the changes in the light on the horizon.

Rutherford Park and Country Retreat is just 120km from Melbourne on 36ha with 126+ beds. The camp attracts real niche groups, such as music lovers

As Philip Jackson walked me through the place, the wonderful sound of school groups playing every instrument one could think of, in many of conference rooms, really suited the location. What inspiration these musicians would have sitting amongst each other in this serene situation with uninterrupted endless views.

Another niche specialisation that the camp caters for is Personal Development Retreats, having seen the camp it is not difficult to understand where the attraction comes from. To keep the music makers entertained between sets of Chopin and Mozart recitals, Rutherford Park has a range of activities such as tennis, netball, basketball, volleyball, table tennis and billiards to name a few.