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Rubicon Outdoor Centre (VIC)

Rubicon Outdoor Centre
Thornton, Victoria

This well-resourced camp set in the Rubicon Valley, Victoria has the stunning Cathedral Ranges as its backdrop. The camp started its beginnings in 1928 as a SEC Village for the hydroelectric scheme. The Rubicon hydro scheme has run continuously from 1928 until the present day. It was the first state-owned hydroelectric scheme to generate electricity in mainland Australia, and among the first in the world to be remotely controlled. Of course, to build this amount of this infrastructure required a village to be built for its workforce; hence the camp now occupies the majority of this historic site. Walking around, these significantly important buildings, you could see how the camp has evolved but has still incorporated many of these old buildings for use.

Rubicon Outdoor Centre is a residential Outdoor Education school operated by the Department of Education and Transport (DET). A number of classroom style rooms are dotted about the 5 acres that the camp is set on.

Rubicon has varied accommodation facilities including dormitories and two self-contained units. The local valley and river systems are used for extended walking trips and rafting (the Goulburn River is also used for rafting).

A rather attractive bouldering wall is front and centre at the camp, however what was really impressive was the new climbing and abseiling tower built over an old concrete water tank. This wall was massive and from its lofty height gave you a great view over the entire camp.

​Given the historic layout of the camp, it almost felt like I was standing in a guard’s watch-tower. Other activities include, basketball/netball court, cricket pitch (which is the original built for the families of the SEC village) and BMX track. The camps high-ropes challenge course is set opposite the camp on the banks of the Rubicon River.

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