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Rowallan Recreation Camp

Positioned in the foothills of Mt Macedon, Rowallan Recreation and Adventure Camp dates back to 1946 when eleven Rotarian’s paid £50 ($A70) each to purchase 183 acres of land to establish a youth forestry camp. It always impresses the foresight that some people have when it comes to purchasing campsites. The effort that goes into choosing and having these significant sites approved is under appreciated by many current users. The camp has had an interesting history, with connections to Prisoner of War buildings used on site through to significant damage caused during the devastating 1983 Ash Wednesday bushfires.

The camp has been thoughtfully laid out with the main camp buildings, which include dormitories, recreation hall, indoor basketball, dinning room and kitchen, are all grouped together at the near high point of the property. The ablution block is central to all of these. The camp has team building activities, low ropes course and discovery trails.

What was really impressive was the separate tent camping area hidden deep within the property. This tent camping area gave the camp a feeling of isolation, more so than what I had experienced at camps before. You could camp here without any knowledge that a hard-top camp was located on the same property and within reach. Basic comfortable facilities are provided to these campers. A bush Chapel is also a feature of this area. Rudolf, who was hosting my visit, was listing off a huge number of future projects that the camp is wanting to undertake but these of course only happen as fast as volunteers can build them.