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How To Use Google To Search

Search within websitesgoogle

Some useful websites may not have a ‘Search’ function but you can still get Google to look only in that website using Google Advanced Search.

For example if you are looking for articles about climbing gyms in

  1. Open your Google search page
  2. In the search box type: climbing gyms
  3. Now click on the words advanced search which will appear at the end or below the search box
  4. Near the bottom of the table you will find the words: Search within a site or domain, in this box insert the general website address:
  5. Click on Advanced search in the bottom right hand corner
  6. Your list will include all items with the search term on that website

Once you become familiar with Google Advanced Search you’ll see ‘Date’ where you can just search recent documents or documents from a ‘Region’

Google provides advice on how to use the search functions:
–  Google’s basic search help
–  Google’s advance search help