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“This year the combined efforts of the outdoor sector and the UPLOADS Research Team have come to fruition. We have developed, tested and implemented an incident reporting and learning for the outdoor sector in Australia. We now have 32 organisations, representing all states and territories in Australia, using the system to contribute data to the National Incident Dataset. We have secured just under $500,000 in funding from the ARC to continue and extend the UPLOADS Project for five years. This means that the UPLOADS Project is fully funded until 2020. The following sections provide a brief overview of our activities this year.

UPLOADS One-on-One Training and Usability Testing
For those of you in South East Queensland, the UPLOADS team is offering one-on-one training in combination with a usability study on the UPLOADS software tool. This will help us gather insights into the use of the software while at the same time providing a practical training session with the tool.
The session will run for approximately 2 hours and you will learn:
  • How to transfer incident data from a paper based report into the software
  • How to calculate and input participation data
  • How to code causal factors and relationships
  • How to generate reports and use the Accimap function
If you would like to register your interest for one-on-one training and are new to UPLOADS click here.
If you are currently are using the software and would like one-on-one training to gain a better understanding of the software pleaseclick here…”
To read more of this update by Dr. Natassia Goode, please click here.