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Tourism Excellence

(Tourism Victoria)
Tourism Excellence has been designed to help tourism businesses and destinations get the best from their workforce, deliver the best possible visitor experience, grow tourism by working together, and ensure a sustainable industry.

The Seven Modules:

Understanding Visitor Needs and Expectations

Excellent visitor experiences are often underpinned by exceptional customer service. The concept of customer service standards will vary based upon your life experiences.

People Excellence

This module aims to foster an innovative and creative workforce, through providing tools to enable operators to attract the right people and to provide them with a professional career path.

Business Excellence

Tourism is a fiercely competitive business. We not only compete with other businesses, towns, regions and states, but with all the other demands for consumers’ discretionary dollar.

Growing Destinations

The ideas and information contained in this module are primarily directed at local government management and staff, particularly those who supervise or direct tourism activity in their municipalities.

Marketing Excellence

learn how to achieve your business objectives – how to get and keep your customers.

Fostering Innovation

Innovation is about ideas and transforming those ideas into value-creating outcomes. While it involves creativity, it is more about bringing the ideas to life in order to make a specific and tangible difference.

Sustainability in Tourism

‘Sustainable tourism’ encompasses the environmental, economic and socio-cultural aspects of the tourism industry.