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Risk Management

These notes were taken by David Petherick, past CEO (until 2015) of the Australian Camps Association, during the Risk Management Forums presented by Preston Cline – they represent David’s interpretation of what was being said at those sessions.

Preston’s comments include:

  1. Risk Management Oversight – “Someday someone is going to ask ‘Why?’ What will be your answer?”
  2. Client Relations – “It is easier to accuse a stranger of wrongdoing than a friend.”
  3. Program Management Oversight – “Complex systems never work. They break, atrophy or are never used.”
  4. Human Resource Management – “When it comes to the service industry, your instructors ARE your service.”
  5. Staff Training – “When training staff: ambiguity is bad, consistency is good and modeling is everything.”
  6. Operation & Logistics – “When it comes to defending your position, ‘we couldn’t afford to make the repairs’ never works.”
  7. Crisis Response – “While incidents are conceived in the field, they are born in the office.”

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