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Procedures For Safe Use Of Vehicles

Sample only – develop your own for each vehicle and your circumstances

Items to be included in written procedures for each vehicle could include

  • identify the vehicle(s)
  • seating capacity
  • licence required by driver
  • vehicle check list is completed immediately prior to departure or on each day of an extended trip
  • seat belt check of all passengers
  • camper briefings on trip stops during journeys.

Documented staff responsibilities need to be simple and clearly stated and could include:

  • driver (or other staff member if present to be responsible for safety and supervision)
  • briefing to be provided prior to departure
  • regular checking of passengers behaviour and activity
  • behaviour expected of driver & other staff member
  • supervision responsibilities at rest stops.

Written procedures for passenger safety briefings

Camper briefing for motor vehicles to include (but not limited to):

  • number of campers per bench seat
  • seat belt policy
  • when windows are open, keep arms, head etc. inside bus or car
  • stay seated at all times until told by driver it is OK to move around
  • all luggage needs to be securely stored while travellingaisles must be kept clear
  • avoid unnecessary conversations with the driver unsafe and unacceptable behaviour relative to each vehicle e.g. restriction on riding on trailer drawbars, the trays of open tray trucks, mudguards, steps, etc.