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We love working with camps and creating software that allows you to easily manage every part of your event.

We work hard to understand what makes you unique and find ways to make your life simpler. By removing many of the complicated manual processes and giving you all the information and tools you need you can easily book cabins, meals, activities and even staff for the camp, while creating a great experience for your campers.

Our software and web applications make it easy to manage all the practical elements of your camps, while automated reporting gives you the information you need to see your business boom.

“Kinetic provided the right solution at the right time. It transforms our ability to share information across sites and gives a stable platform to reach the standard of excellence we aspire to when serving our guests.”

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Contact Person: Lesley Walker

Phone: 02 8003 4568



Location: 295, Lincoln Road, Waitakere City 0654, Auckland, New Zealand