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o you have your theme – Team Building, Leadership, Fun Day, Challenge.

You know the activities that fall within each theme. You have a several camps in for the 3-5 days.

I am guessing most program staff head to a white board, or an excel spread sheet. They add activities and use an eraser to sort out those problem areas. It takes a lot of time to make sure no activity is double booked. Can you allow a 5 minute change over? Do you need 10 minutes between groups? How is that managed manually – on paper or even on a spreadsheet?

Activity programs have been successfully created this way for years. It takes time and a lot of paper or hours at a spread sheet! It takes careful checking of resources.

Often the program is further ‘tweaked’ and then manually added to a template to print for the client and activity staff.

So… there a better way?


With the new resource plan within KxPress, activity programs can be added where there is no possibility of duplication, where you can drag and drop groups to different activities, where you can drag a 0.5/1/1.5/2 hour slot to an activity and it books it.


You can create activity program templates and then copy that booking for next year and the activity program is copied. You can then use the drag and
drop facility to tweak next year’s program. KxPress also creates the activity plan that goes to the client and to internal staff.

Many Kx Clients now complete all their programs within Kx, eliminating the whiteboards and spreadsheets. They know Kx will alert them to duplications, overbookings, etc.

KxPress is the new quick, effective and safe way of creating programs!


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