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Flying Fox Safety- Attachment Methods

Note:  As of January 2016, the development of the Australian Standards- ‘Artificial climbing structures and challenge courses—Flying foxes and challenge ropes courses’ is underway. For more information on these standards, please contact the Australian Camps Association via email.

Flying Fox attachment: This WorkSafe Victoria Guidance Note (2005) informs owners, users, operators, designers, manufacturers and suppliers of flying fox equipment of the need to have in place minimum safety controls to prevent falls.


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Risk Assessment

If you own or operate a flying fox capable of carrying riders, you must assess the risk of a fall occurring as a result of equipment failure or through incorrect use of equipment. This assessment should take into account use, configuration, supervision, cleaning and maintenance, and inspection and repair of the equipment.

A fall from a flying fox may occur as a result of:

  • a failure of the attachment method between the harness and the flying fox;
  • the rider coming out of the harness when the person turns upside down, whether that is planned or unplanned;
  • a failure to apply equipment correctly or other equipment failure.

You need to understand the selection and use of a safety harness as well as

  • Travelling block (“pulley”)
  • Lanyards
  • Harness attachment loops
  • Carabiners, snap hooks and maillons
  • Supervision of harness fitting and use
  • Equipment maintenance
  • Training, competency, and safe operating procedures