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First Aid Requirement

firstaidEach state has a code of practice which sets out the method for determining

  • the number of first aid kits
  • the contents of the first aid kits
  • the level of training required by staff.

These codes of practice are available from the WorkCover/WorkSafe authority in each state
Go to the website and enter ‘First aid’ in the search box or look in the ‘Publications’ list.

Who’s qualified?
It may be a good idea to ensure that your essential staff are trained in first aid. Course information can be found on the Red Cross and St John’s Ambulance websites.

Make a list of staff with current first-aid qualifications and detail their qualifications and note the expiry dates.

First Aid Kits
Regardless of the size/type of workplace environment you should assess the types of injuries that are likely to occur and be prepared to handle these injuries. Even in a small office environment minor injuries can occur and a first aid kit would be required along with the mandatory First Aid Register.
Even a small office requires a first aid kit and a register of injuries and incidents.

The First Aid Code requires clearly identified first-aid kits be accessible to employees.

You should list locations of first-aid kits and indicate these on a site plan.

Don’t forget vehicles used by campsite staff may also need first aid kits.

A documented record must be kept of the regular inspection and maintenance of the first aid kits.