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2016 FAQ’s- Bunk Beds

Members frequently ask questions regarding bunk beds to ensure they are compliant with current standards.

Q: What is the current Standard?

A: The Australian/New Zealand Standard Standard for Bunk beds and other elevated beds AS/NZS 4220:2010.

A copy of the Australian safety standard can be purchased through the SAI Global Infostore, call 131 242 or email sales@saiglobal.comPlease note there is a cost associated with this.

Q: What do I really need to know?

A: A good source of relevant information can be found in the ‘Rest Easy, Bunk Bed Safety: A compliance guide to bunk bed safety for short-term rental accommodation’published by the Department of Justice and Attorney-General: Queensland Government.

Q: What do I look for when buying new bunks?

A: All bunk bed manufacturers are required to submit their bunks for testing to ensure the product meets the minimum requirements set out in the Australian Standard. A bunk may be certified with two different levels of compliance, either the – ‘Orange tick’ or ‘Blue Tick’.

  • The ‘Orange Tick’ means the bunk meets the minimum design standard. All bunk beds sold within Australia must be certified to at least the Orange Tick.
  • The ‘Blue Tick’ certification means the bunk complies with a more stringent set of requirements relating to durability, stability and strength.
    (Please note: ACA Partner and bunk bed supplier, Hypersonic Industries, manufactures their bunks to the ‘Blue Tick’ Standard and is the only Australian manufacturer to do so (as at 2016)).

Q: What if I have built or inherited non-commercial bunk beds?

A: Bunk beds that are built by campsites or trades people must meet the requirements of the current Australian Standard.