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‘Dangerous’ Games

The American Camping Association has highlighted some ‘games’ that can be highly dangerous.marshmelllows

Media stories have shed a renewed spotlight on the types of dangerous games kids play when they are searching for “thrill-seeking” experiences. While experts note that boys in general, and boys and girls of middle school age as a group, are more likely to engage in dangerous games — kids of any age may try, especially when they are in groups where there is peer pressure.

The Dangerous Behaviors Foundation, Inc. (DBF) suggests that one of the reasons for the recent growth in participation in dangerous games is the accessibility of home videos on social media sites that depict children engaging in these “games.” What all of these games have in common is that kids believe they are “safe” as they are not using illegal drugs, and the games themselves are not illegal.

Some of the ‘dangerous games’ include; ‘The cinnamon challenge’, ‘Huffing’, ‘Mumblety Pig’, ‘Chubby Bunny’, ‘The ABC Scratching Game’.

To read the full article by the American Camp Association, please click here.