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ACA’s Preferred Supplier Program

The Australian Camps Association (ACA) has for many years provided additional and valued member benefits via the negotiation and provision of Partner and Preferred Supplier agreements.

The goods or services offered are those that are purchased frequently, or purchased in high volume, by ACA’s members. Members benefit from more than competitive pricing and the Partner or Preferred Supplier returns a modest commission on sales to members to the Australian Camps Association which is then returned to members in the form of additional services and support.

What the ACA looks for in our Partners or Preferred Suppliers is the ability to make a real difference to your businesses – can the product/service save time or money and/or provide a competitive advantage?

If there is a product that you would like us to explore on behalf of members, please email our  Membership & Preferred Supplier Manager, Stephen Hamilton.

To take advantage of the ACA’s Partner and Preferred Supplier program, simply contact the supplier via their details below and let them know that you are an ACA Member.



PFD Food Services (Partner)

The ACA and Australia’s premium food services company, PFD, have teamed up with thirteen of our foremost food manufacturers, to offer you – the ACA member – a pantry list of 150 most popular food items, at great prices!

This is a deal for strictly for ACA financial members only. There are plenty of added benefits! This program is designed to save you time and money, cut waste, as well as improve your food preparation and storage. Click here for more.




ABPhillips (Partner)

AB Phillips has been operating for over 20 years and offers a broad range of financial and risk solutions. With a combined premium turnover of $1.8 billion in insurance premiums, the AB Group is one of the top 4 broking groups in Australia.

Click here to see how they can assist your business.







Hypersonic Industries (Partner)

Hypersonic Industries are metal furniture manufacturers specialising in supplying a commercial range of bunks and beds and bedding products to the outdoors sector.  Many of their products are made in their Campbellfield (Victoria) factory. Established almost 50 years ago and continuously run by the Wells family, Hypersonic are a long term preferred supplier to the Australian military.

Click here for information about benefits to members.




ELGAS (Partner)

Elgas has been a local LPG supplier throughout Australia for 30 years and has over 40 local service centres and LPG storage facilities Australia wide to ensure reliable supply and rapid response for customers where required.

Click here for information about benefits to members.




One Planet (Partner)

We have over 30 years’ experience manufacturing outdoor gear, including 20 years of industrial expertise. Over the decades, we’ve worked with outdoor education providers and guides to create products built for the long haul. Our products have been used and tested in the harshest conditions on the earth. From Antarctica to long trips with year nines, our equipment has been there and back.

Our philosophy is simple: Make it good, Make it work, Make it last.

One Planet is a proud supporter of the ACA and we encourage members to visit our website or contact the sales team for more information about our outdoor education range.

For more information, please click here.




RHSports (Preferred Supplier)

RHSports have been a leading supplier of sports equipment (thousands of products across 30 different sports), apparel (uniforms, competition outfits) and bags to camps and schools Australia-wide for over 35 years.

ACA members can now purchase from their extensive product list at very competitive prices.  For more information, click here.


Wilderness First Aid Australia (Preferred Supplier)

wilderness-first-aid-australia-logoWilderness First Aid Australia (WFAA) is an Australian owned company established in 2010 that specialises in remote (ie non urban) first aid training, suitable for camps and those that run programs “off site”.

WFAA conducts programs tuned to the Australian environment and aligned to guidelines established by national bodies such as the Australian Resuscitation Council, Allegery & Anaphylaxis Australia, Diabetes Australia and Asthma Australia. Course participants enjoy hands on, scenario based training that really engages them in realistic situations applicable to working in the outdoors.