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Melbourne Discovery (VIC)

700 beds. That’s seven-hundred! As the largest group accommodation provider in Melbourne this place is rocking. It has all the buzz of the city just outside the front door. This is an extraordinary place with a mix of international backpackers and groups sharing some of the same space. They can have up to 350 in a group at any one time; however groups do have dedicated floors in specific keyed-off sections, including dining areas. I have now seen a number of these specific key only areas and it always impresses me just how technical they are, especially in a large accommodation place such as this. The place felt vast as we inspected floor after floor.
Strangely though, each floor felt very individual some with funky colours used sparingly and some modernisation mixing with industrial warehouse style. Different size rooms, separate breakout areas, in house café, tourism office and employment agency that places backpackers into local employment. A great initiative at retaining your residents! The in-house cinema with bean bags and posters felt like a genuine retro theatre. First time I’d seen a in-house cinema of this size at a camp.
The roof-top terrace has 360 degrees of the city sky line. The astro turf on the roof terrace feels more like you are on a modern soccer pitch and is in fact used by groups for ball games, with strict rules not to kick the balls over the fence! Permanent ‘glamping’ tents (currently under refurbishment) that are set up here amongst palms and yucca plants, have been used for city based ‘outdoor’ camping, with BBQ’s and alfresco dinning, sun lounges it would be just like when the country meets the city.

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