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Log Cabin Camp (VIC)

Log Cabin Camp
Creswick, Victoria

Since my first visit to Log Cabin Camp, Creswick, over 3 years ago, this camp has made some serious and significant improvements. In fact I would nearly go on the record as saying it has gone through a major transformation. I referred back to my photos I had taken back on my first visit comparing them to my current visit and apart from some of the main buildings and general topography of the land, we are talking major upgrades and additions in all directions. It is encouraging to see a camp being so progressive.

One of the most glaringly obvious things I notice, unfortunately when visiting some camps is the lack of maintenance undertaken. I would love to be a bit bolder in bringing this to the camps attention when I visit, if it wasn’t going to cause serious offence in doing so. I am sometimes placed in a difficult position, as so many camp owners or managers are so passionate and entrenched in their own camps, they sometimes can’t see the wood for the trees. This is not the case at Log Cabin Camp.

Grant (owner/manager) waves his hand around pointing in all directions showing me what has been built or added in the last twelve months; basketball court over here, commando course there, crate stacking up here, low-ropes across there, a couple of ‘second-hand mobile homes in here, a couple of fixed purpose built cabins, over there (or teachers suites), revamped accommodation in the chapel and on he goes…..

What I am really impressed with is the landscaping that has gone on. This is difficult land to work with, its sclerophyll dry hard land. However the camp has worked with it and created some great spaces.

Grant continues to rattle off more planned improvements to the camp. I am in no doubt that he is not just trying to impress, where talk can be cheap, he is straightforward and telling me it’s going to happen’. Period!

The message I am getting loud and clear is for enhancement of the end user stay. Bravo!