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Literacyland (NSW)

Kangaroo Valley, NSW

The drive down into Kangaroo Valley is equal to none and that is a big call. The road snakes down through lush rain forest into the valley, steeped by majestic looking peaks and grand views way off into the never never. Prior to my visit, the region had received a significant amount of rain making the surrounding fields almost luminous green.

The camp is tucked away off Moss Vale Road, right in the heart of the charming village of Kangaroo Valley. As you enter down a private driveway, the property opens up into an expanse of open fields before swinging around in front of the lodge. It is amazing how remote you feel given you are only meters off the main street.

The main building has six bedrooms that are all set up as private en-suite rooms, but they are easily converted into bunk bed en-suite rooms when school groups utilise the facility. Kitchen facilities are located at either end of the building.

Literacyland (aka River Mist Country Lodge) is a camp location for children or adults who want to improve their English skills whilst enjoying inspirational surroundings. It is great to see our members having a unique offering as well as having product that really sets out to improve vital skills in our youth (and the more senior ones amongst us too!). Perhaps they have sensed a need in the market, given the appalling state we can all now witness daily from our leading online news websites, which are constantly full of obvious spelling and grammatical errors. News Corporations striving in the rush to be the first to break news, however, happy to compromise editorial standards. It would appear that Literacyland has an uphill battle on their hands if they are to tackle this issue solely!

Literacyland is a country style lodge, full of country character. A wide open veranda, grand main hall with a huge antique dinning table. Set on five riverside acres, the camps generally consist of 3 hours of literacy instruction followed by afternoon and evening activities.

Programs are adapted to meet student’s requirements and are taught by the owners who are qualified teachers. A range of ball activities and field initiatives can be undertaken on the lawns in front of the lodge after lessons.

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