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Ivory’s Rock (QLD)

Ivory’s Rock
Peak Crossing, Queensland

Five-thousand, 5,000, 5-thousand. It doesn’t matter which way you spell it out, it doesn’t seem to alter the fact that this facility can cater for up to that number. It has to be seen to be believed.

Located in the Peak Mountains south-west of Brisbane, the surrounding bushland and views make it hard to imagine what is encaptured within. Touring around the facility, my jaw was permanently draping on the ground. I first sat in the entrance gate office and studied the aerial view of the 1,482 acre property. I couldn’t really make out any structures even though the image was fairly sizable. I was informed that it would take us several hours to tour the facility and this will best be done in a vehicle if we are to cover the majority of the area.

After inspecting the 400 seat Conference Hall with sound acoustics, we moved onto the 4,500 seat outdoor (covered in shade sails) amphitheatre. This was a tiered amphitheatre of similar size to the ancient Roman and Greek ones that I have seen in Turkey and Greece. It was literally mind-blowing that this is situated out in the middle of the bush! Watching a classical concert here on a cool evening, with the perfect acoustics, would just be sublime.

Accommodation is spread across the entire property. Cabins, apartments, lodges, restaurants, function centre and tents (1,200 of them that sleep two in each ). Small groups can cherry pick quiet and remote spots in various locations. In fact, if you where to slice up the property into pieces, some of our member camps would be swallowed up in just one corner. Ablution blocks are also commonly seen throughout the tour, for those groups that wish to tent camp or bring RV’s.

Do you want to hold a music festival? No problems, they have a Pavilion (Central Dome) and a village of shops and outdoor cafes ready to go. Just bring in the stock and fill the shop!

By the way did I mention that camp caters for up to 5,000 people!

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