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How To Introduce Your Indoorsy Friend To The Outdoors

Source: REI Blog

Author: Jennifer Davis-Flynn

“A campfire, toasted s’mores and great conversation on a summer night under the stars might sound like an ideal way to hang with your friends—until you realize that you don’t have a single pal who would join you for a day hike, let alone an overnight in the woods.

Camper, we have a problem. Here are some ways to introduce your “indoorsy” friend to the great outdoors and remain best buds.

Extend an Invitation

Sometimes it’s as easy as calling up a friend and saying “Let’s go on a short hike this weekend.” Tell him or her why you think they might enjoy the scenery, fresh air, and time away from the laptop and smartphone. If you encounter reluctance, lead with an offer to do something that he or she enjoys, like shooting pool or listening to live jazz. After all, relationships require compromises and our good friends help us grow and expand our horizons…”

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