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Gumleaves Recreation Camp (TAS)

Gumleaves Recreation Camp
Little Swanport, Tasmania

The name of the camp doesn’t really depict what’s install for you (apart from the fact that it is set amongst native gum trees) but the detailed map on entry to the camp fills you with anticipation and excitement. As a kid, this place must be a dream come true. It reminded me more of a fun park with accommodation.

It has ‘little village style’ with accommodation everywhere; almost like a mini town. All areas (including the cabins) are themed after the native gumtrees. There are adventure playgrounds, challenge activities, a deer park, mini golf, flying foxes, cargo nets, row boats and it even has its own museum!

Set on over 400 acres, the area felt vast and even includes a caravan park (powered and unpowered sites). Every style of accommodation is on offer. You can tent it, caravan it, have a self catering bunk house, cabin or group lodge. All these types of accommodation had various activities on the doorstep.

I was told during peak holiday times that that the camp can have many hundreds on site, yet with the way the camp is laid out you wouldn’t feel hemmed in. Loads of outdoor fire pits and BBQ’s are dotted about the camp, encouraging you to be outside. The native wildlife would be abundant around this area given the location and isolation the place offers.

Activities are self managed and there are scores of them. Instructions for each activity are detailed at the start of each. They all look fun. I had a go on a few of them. Other activities include tennis, basketball and volleyball.

Coles Bay and the famous Freycinet National Park are close by. The real emphasis about the camp is being outdoors, be it as a school group or family. Also loads of near by bushwalks can be undertaken from the camp.

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