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Doxa Malmsbury Camp (VIC)

Doxa Malmsbury Camp
Malmsbury, Victoria (last visited October 2011)

Doxa_Malmsbury_1_332x247Doxa run camps for our state’s most disadvantaged schools to enjoy an educational and enriching camp experience that their life circumstances might otherwise preclude. Doxa runs two camps with one in Elizabeth Street, Melbourne which is predominantly attended by children and young people from rural and regional areas. The other camp is on the Loddon River at Malmsbury which is attended by children who live in more urban areas around Victoria. Doxa, receives no Government funding for any of its programs.

Entering into this camp, we could see from the outset, the attention to detail, from front entrance signage, to well-kept grounds. The steep driveway in gives you a full view over the entire camp. For a camp set on only 7 acres it sure packs in the on-site activities into this 71 bed facility.

Doxa_Malmsbury_2_332x247On my first visit, the Giant Swing was just nearing completion. In addition now, they have a recently completed high-ropes challenge course as well a 9 element low-ropes course, all beautifully landscaped with clear pathway signs. Paths are all well-kept and defined. The place looks ‘schmick’- fences are up around elements, everything looks to have been well thought out, planned and built to detail. The Kitchen-Garden was one of the best I’ve seen in any camp. Thanks to Daniel Robinson, General Manager who was our host for the visit. He should be proud of such an excellent well kept camp.