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Coonawarra Farm Resort (VIC)

It was teaming with rain on my visit here, yet the spirits of the groups staying here didn’t appear to be impacted by the weather at all; too many activities to participate in.

Dual flying foxes cross the 2.6 hectare lake. Giant swings, low-ropes, high-ropes, horse riding, fishing, tennis, basketball and swimming.

The first camp (Iguana Camp) was built in 1975 and named after the Iguana river that snakes around the camp and the second camp (Lakeside Camp) named because of its proximity to the lake and was built in 1990.

Iguana Camp has a massive pine dinning room reminiscent of an American style camp like that at Yosemite. The bunk rooms stretch out from the dinning area and face onto the Iguana river. The duplicated Lakeside camp has a more modern feel about it and sits high above the lake and Iguana camp. The camp is almost dual purpose in every respect which means that it can run multiple groups at a time.

Staff buzzing about all over the place, running activities, organising groups and taking groups out horse riding meant that their was no time to notice the damp conditions. Because of the isolation of the property, staff are provided with on site houses for accommodation (so no being late for work!).

This is the first camp that I have visited in Victoria that gets all its hot water and heating from ‘the donkey’. You can view what I mean about a donkey boiler here. This wood fired boiler was massive but would need to be for the 270 bed camp.