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Cave Hill Creek (VIC)

Cave Hill Creek
Raglan, Pyrenees Shire, Western Victoria

I visited Cave Hill Creek back in 2010 and remember being suitably impressed back then. I was keen to get back as I had heard of some significant enhancements to the camp, especially the new Glamping Village. Well it was with great delight I saw that so much had been done, built, and improved upon that first visit. The pace of some of the improvements is staggering. Prior to visiting I was doing some research and flicking through the gallery images on the Cave Hill Creek website which gives you an accurate feeling of the place. Sometimes, when I view a website prior to visiting a camp, the web site can paint a rather ‘Rosie’ image compared to the reality of the camp. This is definitely not the case with Cave Hill Creek.

Tim and Ange Chandler, owners and managers of Cave Hill Creek could be potentially game changes in our industry along with a number of our pro-active members. They are passionate advent supporters of the camps sector. I quote Tim. “It is important that every returning visitor or group sees something new or improved we have done at the camp”. They attend lots of industry conferences, they send staff on training courses, they believe in continuous improvement.

When we arrive at the camp, staff are busy clearing cobwebs (if there were any in the first place!); and dusting. The place is gleaming. A large group was due to arrive any minute. The gardens were manicured, the paths were swept, and the windows were clean. Every aspect of this camp seems to have been attended too.

The Glamping Village lived up to its on line marketing. These very luxurious tents (some even with en suites) face out to Mt Cole and have large flyscreen windows to really ensure that you have that tent like experience. Teachers staying at the camp must be falling over themselves to stay in these. The Glamping Village is set away from the main camp too give you that separation feeling . A good move, as you fell more connected to the environment this way.

The focus of the camp, of course is the picturesque lake. Everything is central to this. The main dinning hall looks out across the water. It is a real show stopper. Naturally fed by Cave Hill Creek, it is used for canoeing, trout fishing and now even has Platypus living in it. Activities such as the extensive low ropes course, all weather bouldering walls are close by. Some of the other other activities at the camp include mountain biking, archery and bushwalking which makes use of the nearby Beeripmo walking trails.

The fully under cover outdoor pavilion has the most amazing set of five 17.3 metre single span Oregon roof trusses. These reclaimed gems came from a factory in Melbourne and would be several hundred of years old. The mind boggles to think of how big the trees would have been to get a single span to this length!

If Cave Hill Creek was going to be a bench mark for our camps, then our sector is going to be in very good shape in the future.

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