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Catholic Education Office Announces Schools Must Use Accredited Camps In Victoria


We have received advice from the Catholic Education Office in relation to accreditation and catholic schools in Victoria. They have now advised school principals of all Victorian Catholic Schools that they “must ensure residential campsites used for overnight accommodation are accredited with a government-recognised accreditation provider”.

Currently that means camps accredited by either ATAP Camps/Adventure Activity Provider Accreditation or NARTA Accreditation. This brings them into line in Victoria with the Department of Education requirements and will provide more consistency. This is good news for those of our members who are accredited. If you are not accredited this will have an impact on your business as Catholic Schools will no longer be allowed to use camps that are not accredited.

The ACA supports the ATAP Camps/Adventure Activity Provider accreditation. If you would like more information about how to get this accreditation you can contact ATAP directly on (03) 9620 4199 or by email on

Thank you,

David Petherick
Australian Camps Association