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Cape Bridgewater Coastal Camp (VIC)

Cape Bridgewater Coastal Camp
Cape Bridgewater

Set at the end of the line, so to speak, (the road ends here and the Southern Ocean begins) and only fifteen minutes out of the historic port town of Portland. This wonderful coastal camp is perched on the hill overlooking the bay and town of Cape Bridgewater, which is reputedly voted as one of the top ten beaches in Australia. It looks pretty impressive as I drive along the coastal road and must have campers destined for the camp salivating with anticipation. The small town itself consists of roughly 50 houses or so. Having the camp sit on the proudest part of the town, right on the cliff line overlooking everything is a real scoop. No need to mention the stunning views out to sea, as that would be obvious.

Accommodation is spread nicely about the property in bunk houses. They all have a beach style feel about them with various sculptures adorning the walls, outside and in. The main dining hall sits front and centre at the camp, shaded by some really ancient Cyprus trees, it is a coastal sand colour keeping with the theme of the place. It’s bright and spacious and has big glass windows giving great views to the outside. I like this, as it entices you outside. They even have a few caravan pitches on site for weekenders and holiday times.

There are a couple of historic buildings on site that have been converted to recreational spaces and the one I most liked was the 1870 chapel which has been converted into a movie theatre. Bean bags spread about the theatre, gave it such a relaxed feel.

The camp itself has a couple of outdoor activities, such as volleyball and archery, but the real emphasis is on the beach orientated activities (a casual 5 minute stroll) such as seal tours, snorkeling, canoeing, sand boarding (which looks awesome fun), abseiling (from the camps own beach cliffs), surfing and also caving at nearby Bats Ridge.