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Camp Rumbug (VIC)

Camp Rumbug
Foster, Victoria

Some of the Gippsland camps I have visited have such awesome approaches to them, Camp Rumbug is one. As you approach the camp with the road undulating and hugging the ridge top, grand views abound for 360 degrees.

Once on the 32 acres that Camp Rumbug is set on, the property undulates, rolls around, ducks in and out of lush rainforest gullies. Activities are set in amongst this, giving a feel of isolation, yet the security of the forest adds a level of protection.

The main accommodation building is set up high on the top of the property and has the main dining hall at the end of the bunk room’s. The kitchen cooking smells would be enough to get you up and going early, certainly the lunch smelled pretty good when I was there.
Camp Rumbug, prides itself on appearance, and I must say, the camp was looking sharp with the floors polished to a high shine. Loads of happy camper images adorn the corridor walls giving the place an air of confidence. I like the stencilled footprints on the dinning hall floor indicating what direction you are to line up for your food. Subtle, but clever.

An abseil tower is directly outside one side of the dinning hall, whilst views to Wilson’s Promontory and the ocean are out the other. Matt Wallis and I walked the property and it felt like we covered a huge distance. Excellent clear signage, with directional arrows all over the camp, keeps you on the right path to your next activity. Numerous initiative and low-ropes courses are continually sighted amongst the rain forest. Mud! Lot’s of mud seems to be a theme, with full encouragement to fall into the sticky stuff. How much fun is that? A place where you are not told off for getting dirty! Some of the other activities are; swimming (in the pool), canoeing on the dam, giant swing and archery.

Under construction, but nearly complete is a new 100 bed bunk house that will take the capacity of the camp up to 300 beds, making it one of the larger member camps. Also under construction are some ‘glamping’ tents in the furthest pocket of the property, which will add a feeling of isolation to this type of group accommodation.