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Camp Jungai (VIC)

Camp Jungai
Yarra Ranges, Victoria

Located in the shadows of the Cathedral Ranges and up in the Rubicon Valley. A major focus of the camp and its programs is aboriginal cultural activities. The indigenous program is full-on, bush tucker, bush medicine, dreamtime stories, boomerang painting, boomerang throwing, weapons, art and shelter building to name a few.

Crossing the bridge into the camp, you pass over the fast flowing Rubicon River. I have fished these pristine waters many times as it flows downstream from the mountains towering above.

It is an often neglected area of Victoria, a really wild area. I can see why Camp Jungai is positioned where it is. This is a very popular spot for schools as it is relatively close to Melbourne but has brilliant access to outdoor activities. The camp utilises a number of local camping sites throughout forested area for its off-site camping.

The modern looking accommodation bunk houses are situated high up the hill overlooking the main camp and dam. These are smart looking dormitories with big windows and views across the camp. Great for teachers to keep an eye on proceedings below in the main activities area. The dinning hall and kitchen (soon to be given a major upgrade) are central to the entire camp. Currently able to accommodate 128 , they have a new 28 bed self-catering dorm in the pipeline which will open up a host of new possibilities for smaller groups to access this region. Artistically landscaped native gardens wind their way from building to building in keeping in with the indigenous feel of the place.

Of course other activities are encountered such as Possum flyer (similar to a giant swing), High ropes, orienteering, canoeing, raft building. However there is a real focus on creative arts activities.

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