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Camp Cooriemungle (VIC)

Camp Corriemungle
Great Ocean Road

Once the site of a prison, which was established in 1939 as a transition (low security) incarceration facility, the inmates’ primary task was too clear surrounding bushland. Prisoners were transferred, towards the end of their sentences from HM Pentridge Prison in Coburg to serve out the remainder of their incarceration in relative comfort and tranquil surroundings. Inmates were encouraged to grow vegetables, be creative (putting on plays) and music performances. Mind you if the prisoners miss-behaved or tried to escape, then they immediately got sent back to Pentridge, with no option to return to Corriemungle. This very rarely happenned as the inmates were way too comfortable and complacent at Corrienmungle. Many a discussion is about how when inmates had completed their sentence and were due be released back into the community inmates were reluctant to leave given how good they had it at the prison. Is this a model prison system?

Take a close look at the image of the historical prison cabins neatly laid out on the manicured lawn. The prison was only de-commissioned in 1977 (which is not that long ago!). Personally, I would have been breaking into this prison to stay; it looks so comfortable set in its surroundings. Sadly, the inmates old cells are in a very poor state. However, the very good news is that the owners of the camp have just been given the green light from the heritage council to go ahead and renovate them back into life, including the permission to place a bunk bed inside for twin occupancy. Which will mean campers can now sleep in their own prison cell? Wow, a great treat. Renovating each cell may sound like a simple task, but of course they have to be renovated to strict heritage standards right down the colour of the paint! This will be a great one to watch the progress of. A similar accommodation complex to this is one (sleeping in old prison cells) also exists on a prison farm on French Island in Western Port Bay

Set on 55 acres, the camp can currently accommodate up to 120 in a picturesque farmland environment. All the original buildings including the guard’s quarters, Governor’s” Quarters (teachers accommodation, of course!), recreational hall, and dining room are all utilised on the camp. Activities include canoeing, high ropes, giant swing, commando and climbing wall. Given its close proximity to the Great Ocean Road, it also has access to all of what this region offers.