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Britannia Park (VIC)

Britannia Park
Yarra Valley & Dandenong Ranges

Britannia Park has been owned and operated by Girl Guides Victoria for more than 65 years. Set in 18ha of natural bush in the Yarra Valley. I initially had a bit of trouble finding this camp as the GPS unit sent me in the back entrance; I quickly rectified my error. There are many different aspects to this camp both in accommodation and in activities on offer. It’s like it is broken up in to segments and each time you venture from one to the other its like wondering through a passage of time.

The property was purchased in 1938 by Guides Victoria. The original Guide House (on old Homestead) built in 1910 has been pretty much kept in its original state. Pressed metal walls, timber floors, open ornate fireplaces, massive verandas, it’s really a step back in time. It blends well with the rest of the camp and looks really comfortable.

They have 85 beds spread across 4 buildings. The buildings are all hidden by native bush and well cared for ornate gardens. I honestly didn’t notice the buildings until I was virtually on top of them, they are so well camouflaged- especially the A-framed alpine style house. The bush chapel was akin to what I have been use to seeing in Scout or Guide camps. The Baden Powell Hut close by had almost a mountain hut feel about it. I expected to see hoards of bushwalkers inside drying out smelly socks.

We kept exploring the property and wandered further and deeper into the bushland and came across yet another large building, this time a conference hall, then further on again to a seven roomed self-catering lodge. I wondered why so many large buildings had been built so far apart? Made sense, they can have separate groups on site at once and not have them bother each other. Practically not even see each other.

They can also accommodate up to 500 people in the grassed camping areas all with toilet and shower facilities close by.

There are lots of activities such as low ropes, Possum flyer, challenge course (Commando Course), orienteering, abseiling, bouldering and Tree Houses (these looked great fun).

Bryan and Brenda the current caretaker Managers have to be commended on the job they are doing of up keeping this massive property looking so tidy. Presentation, I believe of your camp is of great importance. After all it is the first thing we notice as we enter a camp!

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