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Boomerang Holiday Ranch

Located near the heart of picturesque Daylesford, this ACA member camp is relatively unusual in that its main focus activity is horse riding. Many camps have opted out of this activity in the last couple of years for various reasons (insurance and high running costs) but Noel and Theresa who have been running the camp for 26 years are old hands at it and can have up to 220 riders (day visitors and overnight groups) at the camp in a single day!

With 122 horses to choose from, however up to 60 horses are only used at one time whilst the remaining rest in nearby pastures. Picturesque Hepburn Regional Park is used as one of the places for trail riding providing the native bush land experience. The camp has great links for assisting riders with disabilities with the prize winning horse Ruby winning this years riding for the Disabled (RDA) horse of the year.

The camp has a number of keen and enthusiastic long term staff experienced in riding to assist the group camps and day visitors. As you enter the camp it has a definite horsey feel about it, like a scene out of an old western film with long ranch style buildings, bunk houses and recreation rooms. I was secretly hoping that Clint Eastwood would be riding in whilst I was on site!

Activities to keep you entertained as an alternative to riding is a games room, archery, yabbying, hut building and ball games. Of course, given the close proximity of Daylesford to Ballart it opens up the opportunity of visits to Sovereign Hill as well.