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Boomerang Holiday Ranch (VIC)

Pete Griffith’s (ACA Interim CEO) and I moved on from the Doxa Malmsbury camp, to Boomerang Holiday Ranch in Daylesford. We had a very warm welcome from Theresa. My last visit here was back in April 2013. I was pleased to see that the camp was as busy as ever.

It’s location is pretty special, being located near the heart of picturesque Daylesford, this ACA member camp is relatively unusual in that its main focus activity is horse riding. Many camps have opted out of this activity in the last couple of years for various reasons (insurance and high running costs) but Noel and Theresa who have been running the camp for 29 years, are still catering for hundreds of riders per day (day visitors and overnight groups).

The camp hasn’t changed too much in that it still has a number of keen and enthusiastic long term staff experienced in riding, some of which are past students that experienced the camp through school and returned to the camp to work. Some renovations of rooms has taken place over the last few years, but the main big addition to the camp has been the construction of the dressage arena.