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It was a real pleasure to visit my first camp that is specifically designed for special needs campers. Just try and imagine a plethora of activities all of which have been designed with special needs in mind! As Tony toured me around the camp bouncing me from one activity to another his enthusiasm for what the camp offered was evident. He has spent the last 11 years building up the range of activities on offer so that the groups who attend the camp are awarded the same pleasure and experience as our regular Member camps.

These major improvements during Tony’s tenure have meant that the camp can offer non-stop activities in all weather. Tony points out that some of the ideas for activities came from visits to special needs camps in the USA. It is also worth noting that the camp can and is used for non special needs users as well. I really loved the wheel chair accessible safari tent platforms perched high up the hill like an eagles nest.

The archery range has wheel chair accessible platforms with specific bow holders so that the bow and arrow can be fired one-handed. Clever. More construction plans are afoot as well. The main accommodation building and dinning room are central to the camp, wheel chair accessible with wide hallways and plenty of space to spread out. I really like the wildlife watch boards for recording sights of the local fauna. Just another easy activity to keep campers interested. It is always very rewarding to visit a camp that has strong points of difference.